Beautiful is for art a profound quality. Philosophy is the profound, as it influences art. And beauty is the best influence of philosophy…

I have a need/drive to communicate, that’s why I became an artist.

Looking at art, you’re looking at the result of a philosophy.

Aesthetics is my only concern.

Realism is prose; prose is fallen poetry. Abstraction is poetry; poetry is fallen music.

Abstraction is a remedy for reality. A remedy for, rather than escape from.

Art is serious: Careful in thought, full of concern, or restrained and dignified in manner.

Abstract means you’re looking at something, stripped of its outer appearance.

Difficult things appear easy. Great art seems artless.

There are influences on the outcome of abstraction, and I think spirituality is the most influential.

Realism and abstract aren’t movements, they’re simply the possibilities of art.

For me poetry is “about” the heart.

I use subjects worthy of art, I try to paint the soul. Soul is: the truth of the subject.

Maybe the only issue is appreciation. If you appreciate: there’s no criticism.

Art isn’t merely from learning and developing art. Art is from what you’ve learned and developed about yourself.

Art is in service to something, higher or lower, inevitably.

Art is a term of respect for beauty, really. Is the artist respecting beauty?

We need beauty, because beauty is sanity.

An artist has to constantly reassert art.